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Jun. 13th, 2011

(no subject)

Look..future player for U of M...then the Lions! WooHoo!

Newer Pic of Us

And here are the lovebirds...aren't we beautiful...

Finn, almost 3!

Jul. 2nd, 2009

My First Birthday

Finn turned one on Saturday. We had a neighborhood barbeque. It was groovy. We basically forced all our neighbors to meet each other and now everyone actually waves when they see one another. I told Kyle we were the goodwill ambassadors of the neighborhood!!Check this out...Here is Kyle with Finn and Ginger. Ginger is Kyle's stuffy from when he was a little boy!! Finn was sick when this pic was taken and all he wanted was hugs from daddy and Ginger. How cool is that!!Here is Finn standing by my favorite chair...and his 'lair'. He hides behind this chair and I looked there one day and found 2 books, some puzzle pieces and some toys. Hilarious! He also likes to play 'peekaboo' from behind the chair.Finn filling up his pool. He loves water. And hoses. Even if it's cold ole tap water he jumps right in! I'm such a wuss, I have to run in the house and get several pitchers of hot water to add to the pool.

That's all for now...of course his birthday pics are on Kyle's camera. Will get those loaded soon. They also feature his first haircut. My boy is a big boy now!!

May. 25th, 2009

My Growing Baby

Finn is 11 months old now...and on the verge of walking any day now...my life is so very different from what it once was...not much quiet time..not much time for anything that doesn't require a diaper, some wipes and Gerber snacks...

I am at my skinniest...and my most tired...and there is not a speck of make up on my face these days...but truly it is an amazing time in my life. I just wish I had more time to share MORE with everyone here! But..here are the latest pics...enjoy!My Memorial Day Boy..what a cute pic.Big boy stands up all by himself! He is quite proud of his achievement.Finn's feet. Sigh. My favorite part of him...he wears an 18-24 month shoe. Yikes! His feet are wide, too.Mommy and Finn are both tired here...but it's the best we have to offer today! I keep telling Kyle to take more pics..or else Finn will have no pics of us for his future albums.

Take care everyone!

Mar. 14th, 2009

My How Time Flies

Oh, boy. I am seriously needing some free time. I never have time to post anymore..it just keeps ticking away into the future, as the song says. Finn really takes up ALL my time. I have to ask Kyle to watch him just to step out of the room (my husband just assumes I'm the default childcare giver since I have the food source upon my body) and it's REALLY getting to me. Today I have been promised two hours. TWO HOURS....I'm at a loss of what I'm going to do besides drive to a coffee shop and but a HUGE coffee and drink it very leisurely...

Here are the latest and the greatest pics of Finn...almost 9 months old, almost 24 pounds and almost 30 inches tall. He's a half inch and half pound away from the stats. Kyle likes to say 'hey why is my face red; and I tell him it's due to the whiskey. HA HA HA. Notice, Finn's face is NOT red. No whiskey for him yet!What a face! He's so beautiful, my boy.This was a bit scary. One minute, crawling on the floor..the next, helping me with laundry.And last, but not least, my favorite outfit on him so far..he looks like a little man. So cute!!
And now I hear him waking so I must go...hope all is well with everyone!!

Dec. 25th, 2008

My Very Own Snowman

Merry Christmas Everyone! Busy as usual, with our 'high needs baby'...who will most likely grow up to be a balanced adult who will change the world...look at him now! 6 months old in two days and enjoying life...safely sleeping with Daddy as I type...his personality is starting to come through more and more and Kyle and I are starting to see bits of light at the end of the tunnel...small, tiny bits..but lights all the same. We plan on taking a Christmas video today...first one since the homecoming video. You would think we would have captured more, but there is no way one can hold a squirming child AND a video camera! You drop either one, and you are out some serious money,...ha ha ha ha haKyle is off for the next week, so it will be interesting to see how Finn deals with him..after all, he is still not sure what to think of this guy he sees for two hours a night and then weekends. I think he thinks Daddy is our maid.....Merry Christmas! I must go and help my child unwrap the gazillion gifts he has received....

Dec. 11th, 2008

My Sweet Potato

Finn is now sampling some of life's best things: FOOD. Sweet potato, cereal and pears. Pears are tart, but one of his favorites...the whole thing right now is more of a sensory experience...fun for all who participate!! Mind you..at the beginning...the little guy took his spoon, dipped it into the sweet potatos and promptly stuck it in his mouth. SMART BOY!!

Dec. 2nd, 2008

My Little Face

Lookie here folks: Finn can smirk!!!!!!! He is cracking me up...yesterday  he started to sorta crawl backwards...reminds me of guys who park their cars in so they can pull right out of the spot...he backs up to the wall like he's saying 'don't anyone move...stay right where I can see ya....' HA HA HA HA HA

Nov. 19th, 2008

My Baby Sneers

I figure...why not learn early? The fine art of the sneer is not usually mastered this early...but as you can see, Finn has it down to a science...I'm dying to know what he was thinking....

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